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The main indication for an enlargement of the sex organ or its modification is the man’s intention to do it. There are no standards for penis size, but if its length in an aroused state does not reach eight centimeters, then one can speak of a deviation from the norm.

Generally the man decides himself whether the size of his ‘manhood’ is normal or not. Not all members of the stronger sex are satisfied with the length of their penis, so they look for various ways to correct this ‘deficiency’. But it’s very important to know from the very start that unofficial treatment and self-medication can harm health. Therefore, do not experiment on your body and genitals (given you haven’t got any spare!). Use only proven and approved methods of treatment. You can learn how to enlarge the main male organ without surgery and without unpleasant consequences in this article.

How does the penis size affect a man’s self-esteem?

Very often it is the length of the genital organ that affects the formation of the man’s personality. Self-esteem, confidence and a sense of one’s worth often depends on it. First of all, if a man is not satisfied with the size of his penis it affects his psycho-emotional state. The lack of regular and quality sexual relationship makes a man unhappy. Therefore, for men the desire to enlarge the length of their masculine dignity is fully justified and is not just a fancy idea. They seek to increase their self-esteem, improve their sexual life, get rid of their shyness and complexes. It is very important for a man to feel sexually attractive.

It is very difficult to change a man’s way of thinking, unlike the size of his penis. But how can this be done?

What methods help to increase the male organ?

Not all men are willing to enlarge the size of their penis by surgery. Mostly they use non-surgical methods:

  1. extender – a special device to make penis longer; using weights;
  2. jelqing technique;
  3. taking special medicines;
  4. electrostimulators;
  5. extensions for penis.

Enlarging your penis without surgery is possible. Besides, it can be done at home. But be careful if you are offered a remedy that promises to enlarge your sex organ by ten centimeters in a few months: it is definitely sham, since no part of the human body is able to change its size in such a short time.

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  • आपका लिंग दिन में कई बार कड़ा हो सकता है. अपने ऐच्छिक परिणाम प्राप्त करने का बाद इसका प्रयोग बंद कर दें.
  • यह कोई मशीनीकरण नहीं है… अपितु विज्ञान एवं प्रकृति दोनों के मेल से बनी एक ख़ास किस्म की औषधि है. कुछ आसान से घटक जो कि आपकी ज़िन्दगी की सबसे बड़ी समस्या का निराकरण कर सकते हैं.
  • अगर आप उन लोगों में से नहीं आते हैं जो कि हर सुबह कड़े लिंग के साथ उठते हैं तो फ़िर किसी भी अन्य व्यक्ति से ज्यादा आपको इसकी आवश्यकता है –> यह पहला निशान है!


The same applies to miracle drugs: tablets, gels, ointments. You can add to this list things like ‘ancient methods’, which are mostly used by charlatans to make money. Not only are such methods ineffective, they can also cause damage to your health.

To make the right choice, it is necessary to be informed about effective methods of enlarging a man’s main organ.

Extender is a device that allows you to change the size of your penis.

To date, this method is the most popular. It works by stretching the tissue of the penis and stimulating its growth. This device can also be used to eliminate an external defect – straighten a crooked penis.

This method has a scientific basis: the human body can change through regular exercise. The extender works based on this principle.

To date, this is probably the most effective method. Also, in the 20 years of its use, no side effects have been heard of. The device is easy to use and is not noticeable under the clothes. Stretching should be done every day (for about 8 hours) during 3-5 months. If you stick to the exercise routine, it is possible to enlarge the penis from 2.5 to 3 centimeters. But it’s important to remember that good results can only be achieved with daily use.

A detailed review of the Hammer of thor

Exercise as a way of lengthening your penis at home

‘Jelqing’ is a name for special exercises that allow you to enlarge the penis and improve its characteristics. The technique helps to change not only the length of the penis, but also its thickness.

Jelqing is one of the oldest techniques. It has been used for centuries. It works by stimulating the blood flow to the penis. Over time the blood cavities become bigger and the blood flow in the penis increases. This favorably affects the size of the penis. Today jelqing techniques can be easily downloaded from the Internet. However, the doctors’ opinions on the effectiveness of this method differ. Some believe that these exercises really do enlarge the sexual organ. Others are convinced that jelqing is an ineffective way, and to achieve the desired result, one must spend a lot of time and effort.

Vacuum Method

The principle of the vacuum pomp is based on prolonged stretching of the penis. The device is also called a vacuum pump.

The principle of its action is based on stimulation of the blood flow and enhance the erectile function due to the vacuum that affects the male organ. As a result, the penis enlarges both in volume and size. But this effect is temporary, so a vacuum pump is recommended to be used immediately before intercourse.

Can drugs increase male manhood?

The advertised drugs can hardly be described as an effective way to increase the penis. For example, the composition of tablets includes the most commonly used vitamins. And then – these pills help improve the erectile function, but do not affect the length of the penis.

As far as products for topical application are concerned (ointments, gels, creams), their composition is not always known. After their use, many men may experience itching and an allergic reaction to the skin.

Therefore, drugs to increase the penis are not only ineffective, but sometimes can even be harmful to health.

Supplements for improving erectile function

Products like dietary supplements are particularly popular nowadays. Due to the natural composition of these preparations, blood flow in the penis increases, and the erection improves. Taking dietary supplements positively affects the duration and quality of the sexual intercourse. According to a lot of customers’ feedback, taking dietary supplements creates a sense of enlarged sex organ. However, such products have a temporary effect.

There is a number of methods to increase the penis today. But it’s worth using them only when the size of your penis really does become a problem. If you decide to try these methods for the sake of experiment, please remember that they may be damaging to your health.

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