8 Tips for Boosting Woman Orgasm

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You cannot have too much pleasure. Even if you and your partner regularly experience heavenly orgasms in bed, it’s unlikely you’ll reject the opportunity to enhance their strength and make them more intense. Bump your ability to have better sex in the same way as you pump your muscles.

A few tips on how to increase your orgasm

1. Note the day of your cycle

A woman’s egg has just 24 hours for fertilization, so during the ovulation period (7th to 14th day of cycle) a woman is focused on sex, and her body is literally saturated with estrogen and testosterone, the latter being the main hormone for sexual arousal. During this time the erogenous zones become more sensitive. On the day of ovulation a woman can get an unforgettable sexual experience.

2. Strengthen your muscles

During orgasm vagina muscles contract rhythmically; the same happens with the uterus muscles, pelvic floor, and sometimes the abdominal press. Without regular training these muscles they lose their tonus, like any other muscle. At the peak of pleasure they will only produce two or three weak contractions. Those who want to change this situation, might want to use several methods of intimate muscles training. (compress and unclasp the muscles of the pelvic floor for 10 seconds), and the more experienced can use vaginal balls with vibration. Common >press exercises will make your body more sensual (they affect both pelvic floor muscles and the inner thigh and help to strengthen the vaginal wall).

3. Get to know your body

And know it well. To give pleasure to yourself is enjoyable. But masturbation can help you train yourself to have a super intense orgasm with a partner only if it is close to real sex. In other words, if you pleasure yourself while crossing your legs, it’s unlikely you can do the same in partner sex. For the same reason, it makes no sense to use those sex toys alone if you can not use them with your partner.

4. Have sex in the morning

Your brain is still asleep, which means you will relax more easily. Moreover, during morning orgasms more ‘hormones of happiness’ – endorphins – are released into the bloodstream. The most favorable period for morning pleasures is from 8 to 10 am, when the excitability in both men and women increases by about 25%.

5. Keep your feet warm

If your feet are freezing cold you can forget about a great orgasm. Did you know that warm feet increase the probability of an intense orgasm by 30%! Physicians explain this by the fact that there are receptors on the skin of our feet, responsible for the power of sexual pleasure. So, does that mean we have wear socks in bed? No, not at all. You can take a warm bath in advance or during a contact with your partner, put on sexy stockings, light a fireplace.


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6. Look for new pleasure spots

We don’t mean the G-spot – it has long been well studied. There are other ‘terrae incognitae’ in human body as far as sexual pleasure is concerned. For example, there are spots known as ‘K’- spots – two small areas of thickened skin at about 1 cm to the right and left of the clitoris. Also, there is the C- spot – a barely noticeable tubercle in the centre of the perineum. Rhythmical pressure on these spots can enhance the contraction of the perineum muscles as well as make your orgasm more intense.

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7. Choose the best position

Any positions where breast stimulation is possible will improve the orgasm. Be sure to engage positions where the G-spot is stimulated. The most popular one is ‘the rider’. For maximum pleasure, lean back as far as you can and ‘ride’ fast!

8. Breathe correctly

Taoist sexual practices recommend to breathe deeply and smoothly even at the peak of pleasure. For an untrained person this task is almost impossible. Start small – at least do not hold your breath. This is good both for the body and for the orgasm: the more oxygen comes in, the stronger the sensation. If you want to make the sensation even more intense – try to breathe with your stomach.

9. Practice yoga for sex

Yoga is the direction of energy. This includes sexual energy. The faster a woman can reach an orgasm, the more control of the energy she has while having sex.

What can prevent making your orgasm more intense?

Tight sexy clothing, aphrodisiacs, arousing fragrances – we resort to them in order to enhance pleasure. But they often interfere with orgasm.

Tight clothing. It stops circulation in the veins. In women who often wear narrow trousers or corsets, the blood flows to the pelvic area at the ‘wrong’ moment: these women are quickly aroused, but also rapidly cool down, often not reaching orgasm.

Fragrances. We are all sensitive to smells, in our own, unique way. And even proven sexual stimulants, such as ylang-ylang, orange or vanilla, can make someone have a fit of sneezing, coughing, or headache. Hm, I can’t even think about sex!

A big dinner, breakfast or lunch… If you search for ‘aphrodisiacs’ on the internet, you will find a long list of aphrodisiac foods, many of which are very calorific: oily fish, chocolate, seafood… The body will need a lot of energy in order to digest all this, and you will feel tired, not aroused. But light snacks before and after sex are not forbidden.

We hope that these tips will help you improve your sex life and experience even better orgasms.


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