How to prepare for a workout correctly

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Efficiency of fitness training depends not only on the way you arrange it but also on the preparation for it. Let’s talk out what is necessary to do before a workout?

Warm-up before a workout

A warm-up is always a must. “Regardless of the type of workout”, “muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, the cardiovascular system need to be indeed prepared for expected loading at all accounts”. “A warm-up can embrace simple exercises for your joints before Body&Mind training, dynamic stretching before cardiovascular exercises or light cardio before weight training,”.

What your workout outfit should look like

What are you thinking about while choosing the clothes to wear for a workout? About your appearance (you’d surely like to look attractive in the gym training alongside handsome men)? About convenience: freedom of movement is above all? Or about the very type of clothes that would suit your look and might even raise the training efficiency?

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It is perfect when you think about everything at once. Everything is indeed important: functionality, convenience and prettiness! “Clothes made of natural textiles will be suitable for Body&Mind training, while for weight and cardio training a hi-tech outfit, namely, the one protecting skin from excessive perspiration, will be the most appropriate”, Irina Klimova says. Don’t forget about the correct choice of underwear and shoes as well.

Food to eat before training

You can have a substantial meal 1.5 – 2 hours before the workout. If the interval is shorter, it will be the stomach rather than the muscles that will work actively during the training. “If your daily routine is inconsistent with having regular meals, the workout is coming and you understand that you haven’t eaten for a long time, you can eat a banana straight before going to the gym”, – Irina Klimova recommends. “It is rich in nutrient materials and will digest fast. Granola bars will also be helpful for you in such a case”.

You can have a high-carb snack (“carb-up”) nearly an hour before a workout. Generally speaking, while planning your ration you should keep in mind your fitness goal. Those who want to get skinny and those who need to bulk up will have to stick to different diets.

Drinking before a workout

We often forget about the necessity to drink some water before training. Indeed, it is as important as quenching your thirst during a workout and after it. “A correct drinking water schedule before training will help you avoid dehydration which is the cause of faster and severer fatigue”, Olga Kochetova says. It is especially important if you are going to do rigorous training. “But do not drink 500 ml at once, it’s wrong. It’s better to measure out approximately 300 ml and to sip it for an hour”, Irina Klimova recommends.

Set your mind on the goal

The correct attitude also plays an important role. Getting over yourself while training you’ll gain significantly less pleasure and benefits than being disposed to work hard. “Just make up your mind that sport is a vital part of your life”, Irina Klimova says. “Do it because you can’t go without it rather than because it’s fashionable. Find your own type of workout and ideal time for it. Somebody will enjoy a morning run while another one – weight training in the evening. You needn’t force and break yourself”.

Just a few easy but obligatory rules and your workout will provide you with maximum benefits!

In a week we’ll tell you the rules of the post-workout recovery.

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