Simple and effective ways to prolong sex

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A typical situation: the man is ready to finish, and the woman is only just warming up. In order for this to happen as rarely as possible, use these techniques. They will give you the power to managing the erection and will allow you to increase the time of intercourse up to several times.

1. Use prolonging remedies

The easiest way to stretch the time of sexual intercourse — use condoms and lubricants with anesthetic, which reduce sensitivity and thus allow the man not to come for a long time.

Another option is anal condoms. They are usually thicker than usual, that is, they also reduce sensitivity. But the usual condoms shouldn’t be ignored: sex without a condom in most cases doesn’t last as long and can have the most unpleasant consequences.

2. Masturbate

One of the reasons for premature ejaculation is rare intercourse. If this is your case (that is, you do not often meet with a regular partner or are going to have sex with a new partner), it is better to remove the accumulated stress the day before sex or immediately before it. That way you’ll reduce the risk of ending your date too quickly.

Masturbation is also a way to manage erection. If you train constantly, you’ll begin to recognize and control the sensations that lead to ejaculation.

3. Use orgasm delaying techniques


This technique can be used for masturbation or during intercourse. The point is to stop stimulation immediately before reaching orgasm and resume it when the pre-orgasm sensations disappear.

Deep breath

This method is similar to the previous one. Sensing the approach of orgasm, the man slows down and takes one or several deep breaths. It helps him to relax.

Slow penetration

Avoid fast frictions. It is better to start with reciprocal movements, which last at least three seconds. Then within 4-5 minutes you can accelerate a little. If you feel the approach of an orgasm, you can stop and just stay inside the partner until you feel that you are able to resume the process.

7-9 technique

The method consists of alternating seven fast and nine slow frictions. This way you set a comfortable rhythm for the partner and at the same time do not allow yourself to quickly reach the end.

The advantage of all these techniques is also that the man is focused on controlling the ejaculation. The more he controls himself, the less the possibility of premature ejaculation.

4. Train your pubic-coccygeal muscle

Kegel exercises, originally developed for women, are suitable for men too. They help with urination problems, and also strengthen and prolong erection.

To begin with, you will need to find that pubic-coccygeal muscle in your body. This is quite easy to do: in the middle of urination, try to stop the flow of urine without using the muscles of your buttocks, legs, or abdomen. Did it work? If it did, you did it with the help of the coccygeal muscle.

How to make it stronger? Use the same trick with stopping urination: three times with 10-15 repetitions per day would be enough. It is not necessary to visit the toilet: you can train the muscle by contracting it any time, anywhere. Gradually you can increase the time of muscle tension to 5-10 seconds.

5. Use erection rings

These sex toys are designed specifically to prolong and strengthen the erection. They squeeze the penis, reducing the outflow of blood.

However, instead of the erection ring, you can use the compression technique: before the onset of orgasm, squeeze the space between the trunk and the head of your penis with your fingers.

6. Do not forget about the great power of foreplay

The first advantage of long caresses is that you learn to put off your ejaculation, and not to experience everything at once. Second: you arouse your partner and increase the chance of a simultaneous orgasm.

7. Change positions and take breaks

Changing positions allows you to get a little break and reduce the arousal. And it’ll diversify your sex life, of course.

If you feel that the new position will definitely not change anything, take a break. You can spend this time caressing your partner.

8. Distract yourself.

When an orgasm is imminent, try to distract. We appreciate that it’s easier said than done. Especially in a situation where you are on the verge of ecstasy. But in combination with other techniques this technique can work.

9. Do not despair.

Stress is often the cause of premature ejaculation. So do not be too hard on yourself before having sex. In the end, even if you finish too quickly, you can always bring a partner to orgasm in another way. So be more positive and stop worrying for no reason.

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