Real experience of the patient: How To Last Longer In Bed!

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About Anguri Mudaliyar

Former Sex Educator

Hi everyone! I was embarrassed to share this information as it is really intimate, but I want to share my happiness with you guys. Besides, my experience might help lots of other couples. The question under discussion is sex, or rather, it’s absence. My husband and I had sex 2 times a month tops and sadly it lasted for 3 minutes until I tried giving my husband cream …

I’ll be frank, apart from having only quickies, my husband is also no donkey. You can say as much as you like that all the good things come in small packages, but the truth is the size is of great importance to women! I dreamt of long and passionate sex, just like in porn movies! But instead all I got was a 3-minute tickling under the blanket.

As a result, my husband had tried it all, from viagra to tantra. At first those pills worked, I was so excited about it. But over time he had to take more and more, while the effect on the contrary weakened. Plus it affected his heart very badly. These stimulators will never do any good to anyone.

There are so many non-surgical penis enlargement methods on the Internet…Folks, don’t fall for it, it’s all scams, don’t repeat our mistakes. My husband tried weights and hangers, and massage – zero effect!


The secret of prolonging sex

I almost put up with it – bad luck with genes, what can you do! But long absence of sex couldn’t but affect me. I started watching porn-movies – as I didn’t have sex myself, at least I could watch others do it! I even had my favourite actors, one of them was an actor and a script writer Pierre Woodman.

I came across one of his interviews, where he told that any man could do it for 2 straight hours and even longer. And you can achieve it without using stimulators or supplements, with herbs only. Interacting with each other, herbs cause a most potent hormones discharge. The result is a more powerful erection and longer sex. Interestingly, they also promote penis growth.

That was just what we needed. But my big concern was, where to find these herbs?! As it turned out, they all are collected in one product which all porn actors use, it’s called XTRA MAN.

I ordered these capsules on the official website at once. The package came in 2 days.

And finally the result

I couldn’t wait to see the effect, so I rubbed this cream into his penis that same evening. The next day, I was washing up when he came home from work. He sneaked up on me, buried his face in my neck and started to undress me without talking. We fucked on the washing machine, switched to the bedroom and continued there. Two hours of sex! Nothing like this had ever happened with us before! I experienced several orgasms in a row, and by the end I asked him to stop because I was so exhausted!


After a month of taking XTRA MAN our sex life was completely fixed. We never leave the bedroom, it’s like our second honeymoon)) Recently we measured my husband’s dick and were surprised to find out it had grown by 2 cm!

I’d never think that natural ingredients can have such a stunning effect! No chemicals would ever yield such results, can’t be even compared to the power of nature!

P.S. Recently I’ve found out that girls can also use XTRA MAN ! Last night we discovered it together. Sex was even more awesome and orgasm was so bright I nearly blacked out! So, girls, keep that in mind)

More about XTRA MAN here:


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