Myths about low libido

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The topic of sexual attraction is not broadly discussed, so it causes a lot of confusion. It’s hard to talk to people about low libido. Myths are harmful: they keep people from changing and reaching happiness in sex.

Myth One. Low libido means that something’s wrong with you

Low libido is not a signal that something’s wrong with you. Quite a large percent of people note reduction and a boost in libido at different life periods. Falling libido is a problem only when you yourself want more of it. If this is the case, you are absolutely normal.

Myth Two. Only women suffer from low libido

Low libido is more often prescribed to women. In reality, 40% of women of all ages experience reduced libido. Men also know what it is. At least 25% of them. Responsible for libido is testosterone, which women have less of.

Men with reduced libido hide the truth to not be seen as weaklings. Reduced libido has no relation to masculinity or femininity. This is a medical condition that is subject to treatment.

Myth Three. Reduced libido is always caused by hormones

Hormones, of course, affect sex life, but it can’t all be blamed on hormonal misbalance. Reduction of libido can be caused by psychological factors: stress, depression, trauma, etc. Also, the same applies to hormonal diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

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Even what we eat and drink can affect sexual attraction. Issues with sex itself affect libido: pain during intercourse, not reaching orgasms, and different sexual preferences. There are many factors and it’s important to keep these in mind when solving low libido issues.

Myth Four. Lowered libido doesn’t affect relationships

Sex is really not the main thing. But in relationships, it’s one of the most important components.

Lack of sex causes a feeling of desertion and loneliness, especially if the partner has a passionate temperament.

For keeping the relationship together, it’s important for there to be sexual attraction. One can try having sex more often, even if you don’t feel like it. Appetite comes during meal times, as they say.

Myth Five. You can’t do anything about lowered libido

Many people think that if they’re libido is gone, then it’s not worth having sex at all. You can’t solve the problem that way. There are many options of exiting this situation. For instance, if medicine being taken affects your libido, tell your doctor about it. If your way of life is affecting sexual attraction, change it. Go to bed earlier, do an exercise, breathe fresh air, lose weight, and stop smoking. To keep up your energy and lust, taking the ginseng root.

Talk to your partner and discuss the resulting situation. Try to find a compromise that will make you both happy. Try something new in bed. Experiments can refresh and spice up your sex life. New poses, sex toys, and role-playing games that you’ve never tried can help with that.

Myth Six. Emotional proximity is more important than sex

Many couples mistakenly believe that emotional proximity is more important and valuable than high quality sex in marriage. This is a mistake: desire and sex have a lot of benefit for how you feel, both physically and psychologically.

It’s useful for the health to cause and feel lust.

Stemming from this is widespread confusion that at first you need to solve all the emotional problems, get rid of anger and irritation and only then get to sex. Sexologists recommend doing the opposite and starting from solving bedroom issues. By fixing your sex life, you’ll be able to remove emotional tension.

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