Green coffee beans for weight loss – do they help or not?

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Green coffee beans are a popular and healthful beverage for rapid weight loss. This product facilitates weight loss without any diet and workouts. At least, manufacturers claim so. But what is the reality?

In this article we will tell you about the healthfulness and harm caused by green coffee beans.

Harm and healthfulness of green coffee beans

Coffee addicts fell in love with this beverage for its unusual flavour and scent. Men and women who want to lose weight drink green coffee during their fasting days. It is believed that green coffee boosts your metabolism and is more effective in making a person more energetic than even the most high-calorie foods.

However, medical practitioners give quite mixed feedback on green coffee. Some of them state that it might cause harm to people suffering from a range of chronic conditions. And others say that it’s cross-functional, fine for everybody and is a true elixir of health and good spirits.

What are the differences between green coffee and other products used for weight loss?

Varietals of green coffee have different degree of bean calibration, strength, etc. Green coffee does not require roasting; therefore, this criteria is unimportant if the product is used as a beverage for weight loss. The best varietals of green coffee are enriched with healthful supplements.

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Which components can be contained in the beverage?

  1. Coffee beans. It is the key component. They flush toxins and excess fluid out of the body, burn subcutaneous fat and boost your metabolism.
  2. Green tea leaves. They remove excess cholesterol from your body.
  3. L-Carnitine. It boosts fat splitting and strengthens muscles.
  4. Ginger. It improves digestion and prevents cancerous tumours.

As you can see, the content of the beverage is completely safe. Therefore, green coffee for weight loss is so popular. Thousands of people who tried it reported significant weight loss and improved mood and performance.

Green Coffee capsules in hindi (ग्रीन कॉफी). एक छोटी सी गोली ज़िंदगी बदलने में आपकी मदद करेगी

How does green coffee help to lose weight?

Subcutaneous fat is a combination of cells which are subject to active division due to the synthesis of substances received by the human body with food. The higher the level of these substances, the more active is the division of cells resulting in higher volumes of fatty tissue.

Weight loss is caused by the shortfall of substances facilitating the growth of fatty tissue. The external factors are equally important. They include the condition of your metabolism, diet and hormones. Hormone cortisone plays a particularly important role. The production of this hormone makes your body spend lots of energy. While receiving insufficient amounts of energy from food, your body starts taking it from the fatty cells. Cortisol splits fatty cells to the finest components which create bonds with proteins and enter bloodstream. Healthful elements are distributed throughout your body and excess fat is burnt by the thyroid hormone called thyroxin.

Green coffee triggers cortisol synthesis. Besides, it controls the levels of sugar in the bloodstream and speeds fat splitting. The beverage makes your weight loss process twice faster. The weight declines and the volumes go down as well. All without diet and excruciating workouts!

Making green coffee does not take long. It’s brewed similar to regular whole-bean or ground coffee. The recommended dose of the beverage is 1-2 cups per day within 30 days.

Who should not use green coffee?

Same as black coffee, green coffee contains caffeine. This substance triggers the synthesis of hormone dopamine. Consumed in large quantities this beverage might result in addiction. Fortunately, not all people are subject to it and it’s easy to overcome. All you have to do is to start drinking usual tea instead of green coffee in one month.

As it was mentioned earlier, green coffee for weight loss is safe. However, some people should not drink it. The beverage is not recommended to:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women;
  • Senior people (aged over 70);
  • Children under 18;
  • People suffering from heart and blood vessels diseases;
  • People with high nervous irritability;
  • People with atherosclerosis.

Where can you buy green coffee beans?

Authentic whole-bean green coffee can’t be purchased at a pharmacy. Mainly, you can buy generic products only. Many of them are made of plants but feature no fat burning effect.

Domestically, you can buy authentic whole-bean coffee with delivery option on this site only. It’s the website of the official manufacturer and the only legal owner of Green Coffee brand. Products you may find on the other websites and in retail stores are fake. Sometimes the product is sold at price exceeding its real value by tenfold.



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